Faculty Supporters

Berkeley has a long history of world-changing innovations borne from the research and scholarship of its best-in-class faculty. The faculty members below — some of whom have founded companies of their own — have made the Founders’ Pledge to promote the ethos of supporting Cal’s innovator ecosystem and to inspire the students, postdocs, and researchers with whom they work to make the Pledge too.

Scott Shenker
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley; Co-Founder, Nicira and Databricks
Pledge fulfilled in 2020
Joe Hellerstein photo.jpg
Joseph Hellerstein M.S. ’92
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley; Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Trifacta
Pledge fulfilled in 2022
James Olzmann
James Olzmann
Assoc. Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Randy Katz.png
Randy Katz M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’80
Former Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Berkeley
Shuonan Chen ’13
Lecturer, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley; Partner, Innovation Overflow
Roya Maboudian.jpg
Roya Maboudian
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, UC Berkeley
David Teece.jpg
David Teece
Chairman & Principal Executive Officer, Berkeley Research Group LLC
Pledge fulfilled in 2017
Rebecca Abergel Ph.D. ’06
Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley; Co-founder, HOPO Therapeutics
Boubacar Kante
Associate Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley
N. Cecilia Martinez-Gomez
Assistant Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
Jay Keasling
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, UC Berkeley; Founder, ResVitaBio
Joseph Gonzalez
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley; Co-founder, Spiral Labs
Michael Yartsev
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley
Junqiao Wu Ph.D. ’02
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley; Co-founder and Chairman, DeepRed Technologies
Steve Conolly
Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley; Co-founder, Magnetic Insight
Richard Lyons ’82
Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer, UC Berkeley
Polina Lishko.jpg
Polina Lishko
Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley; Co-founder, YourChoice Therapeutics
rikky muller.jpg
Rikky Muller Ph.D. ’13
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley
David Schaffer.jpg
David Schaffer
Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley; Co-Founder, 4D Molecular Therapeutics and IGNITE Immunotherapy
Gordon Rausser.jpg
Gordon Rausser
Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley; Co-Founder, OnPoint Analytics
Pledge fulfilled in 2020
Ming Wu.jpg
Ming Wu M.S. ’86, Ph.D. ’88
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley
Amy Herr
Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley; Investigator, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Jaijeet Roychowdhury.jpg
Jaijeet Roychowdhury M.S. ’89, Ph.D. ’92
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley
Markita Landry.jpg
Markita Landry
Assistant Professor, Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Maria Paz Gutierrez.jpg
Maria Paz Gutierrez
Associate Professor, Architecture, UC Berkeley
Homayoon Kazerooni.jpg
Homayoon Kazerooni
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley; Cofounder, Ekso Bionics and SuitX
Raluca Ada Popa.jpg
Raluca Ada Popa
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley; Co-Founder, PreVeil
Anita Balaraman.jpg
Anita Balaraman M.P.H. ’98, M.B.A. ’08
Adjunct Faculty, UC Berkeley; Founder, Epixego
Arash Komeili.jpg
Arash Komeili
Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
Niren Murthy.jpg
Niren Murthy
Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley
Alessandra Lanzara.jpg
Alessandra Lanzara
Professor, Physics, UC Berkeley
Kristofer Pister.jpg
Kristofer Pister M.S. ’89, Ph.D. ’92
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley; Co-founder, Dust Networks
Stephen Torres ’07
Industry Fellow & Lecturer, UC Berkeley; Founder, Sunible (acquired by Domino)
Pledge fulfilled in 2015
Lee Fleming.jpg
Lee Fleming
Faculty Director, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley
Ting Xu.jpg
Ting Xu
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering and Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Kenichi Soga.jpg
Kenichi Soga Ph.D. ’94
Professor, Geomechanics, UC Berkeley
Norman Yao.jpg
Norman Yao
Assistant Professor, Physics, UC Berkeley
Russell Vance.jpg
Russell Vance Ph.D. ’00
Professor, Immunology and Pathogenesis, UC Berkeley