Who’s Done It?

Join over 530 Cal entrepreneurs and faculty who have made the Pledge.

Ali Ansary
Ali Ansary ’07
Co-founder & CEO, Ozette Technologies
kenneth tsang
Kenneth W. Tsang ’10
Co-founder, FreshX
saurabh nayak
Saurabh Nayak M.B.A. ’22
Founder, Svara AI
capella kerst2
Capella Kerst ’13
Founder & CEO, geCKo Materials
Douglas Seo ’22
Co-founder & CEO, Popper
Michael Paine
Michael Paine
Founding Partner, Iron Star Partners & Rodeo Investments
juhi saha
Juhi Saha ’05, M.B.A. ’15
Founder & CEO, Partner1
Dan Fritchman Ph.D. ’23
Founder, Generation Alpha Transistor
Widya Mulyasasmita ’08
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, BEVC Management
Sri Reddy M.B.A. ’21
Founder, OCHRE
Mikhail Kryukov M.B.A. ’21
Venture builder, Endurance Companies
Nate Singer ’05
Managing Director, Mission Holdings
Pledge fulfilled in 2023
Ashley Keyes
Co-founder, Rely
Bhaven Shah M.B.A. ’08
Director of Product Growth, Turvo
Marissa_Ramirez de Chanlatte
Marissa Ramirez de Chanlatte ’15, M.S. ’18, Ph.D. ’23
Co-founder & COO, PromptAI
Jiazi Guo.jpg
Jiazi Guo ’15
Founder & CEO, ETZ Soft
Kaycee Antosiak ’17
Investor, Plug and Play Tech Center
Anand Shroff M.B.A. ’04
Founder, Health Fidelity (acquired by Edifecs); President, Verantos
Kevin Chou ’02
Co-Founder, Kabam (acquired); Co-Founder, SuperLayer
Pledge fulfilled in 2015
Mo Ghasmenzahdeh.jpg
Mo Zadeh M.I.M.S. ’16
Co-Founder & CEO, Rumi Technologies
Ankur Nagpal
Ankur Nagpal ’09
Founder, Teachable (acquired by Hotmart); Founder, Ocho
Matthew Stotts ’92
General Partner, Cerulean Ventures
Karan Singh ’05
Co-Founder, Ginger; COO & CPO, Headspace
Anthony G. Vontz.jpg
Tony Vontz ’05
Founder, Edgevale (acquired by Lane Brands); Director of Product Mgmt, CamelBak
Jonathan Fan ’02
Co-Founder, Subspace (acquired by Box); CPO, Envoy
Pledge fulfilled in 2016
Gagan Byani photo.jpg
Gagan Biyani ’08
Co-Founder, Udemy; Co-Founder & CEO, Maven
Laurie Peterson M.B.A. ’11
Founder, Build & Imagine (acquired); Founder & CEO, Rebel Play Studio
hanyang liu
Hanyang Liu M. Arch ’23
Co-founder & CEO, FLOZ
raymond lee
Raymond Lee M.I.D.S. ’19
Founder, AI Product Creators
Tete Xiao Ph.D. ’23
Co-founder & CEO, PromptAI
Peter Cipollone ’94
Co-Founder and CEO, Turazo
Bogda Cristei.jpg
Bogdan Cristei M.Eng. ’21, M.B.A. ’23
Investor, Union Labs Ventures
Andrew Harris ’23
Founder & CEO, Amped Emotos Inc.
Lokilani Hunt.jpg
Lokilani Hunt ’16, M.B.A. ’22
Founding Partner, CliqueXchange
claudia natasia.jpg
Claudia Natasia ’15, M.B.A. ’22
Director of UX Research, Highspot; Founder, JumpStart UXR
Kristy Edwards
Kristy Edwards M.I.C.S ’22
Co-Founder & President, PrivacyCode
Roland Deal M.B.A. ’05
Co-founder & President, Audyence
heather rankow
Heather Rankow
CEO, Rely - Real Estate Logistics for You
Peter Zhang
Peter Zhang ’16
Founder, SteadyGrowth.co
sophia yen
Sophia Yen MD M.P.H. ’04
Founder & CEO, Pandia Health
Michael Wu
Michael Wu ’07
Founder, MIKOL
Alexander Kern ’16
Co-Founder, Distributed Systems (acquired by Coinbase); Founder & CEO, Dynaboard
Lea Yanhui Li M.B.A. ’19
Principal P.M., Meta
John Cuellar M.B.A. ’95
Founder, Cascade Clarity
vivek jadhav
Vivek Jadhav M.F.E. ’07
Founder & CEO, Precede
misha dynin
Misha Dynin ’03
Founder, Dynin Labs
Cimeran Kapur.jpg
Cimeran Kapur ’11
Founder & CEO, Potion
Wei Zhu M.B.A. ’22
Founder, MooZ
Harrison Shaw.jpg
Harrison Shaw ’20, M.B.A. ’22
Founder and CEO, Lynx Verification
Cyrell Roberson M.A. ’16, C.SPI ’17, C.ESP ’18, Ph.D. ’21
Founder & CEO, Jubily
daniel tsentsiper.jpg
Daniel Tsentsiper ’22
Founder, Veriply
Ashish Shah M.B.A. ’10
Co-founder, Andromeda Security
Carol Mackinlay.jpg
Carol MacKinlay ’84
Chief People Officer, Binance.US
Doug Cole
Douglas Cole ’78
Exec. Chairman, US Minerals and Metals Corp.
Chris Villegas ’19
Co-founder & CTO, Loak
kanwar kelley
Kanwarjit Kelley ’04
Founder & CEO, Side Health
jacob safar
Jacob Safar ’20
Co-founder & CEO, Loak
Vincil Crenshaw
Vincil Crenshaw ’20
Co-founder & COO, Loak
Aakash Prasad.jpg
Aakash Prasad ’13
Founder and CEO, Design Everest
Jessica Eting
Jessica Eting ’06, M.B.A. ’18
Co-founder & COO, Flourish
Peter Imburg
Peter Imburg ’94
Founder & CEO, Elfster
Kenneth Wong ’77
Co-Founder, energyRe
Simon Ru ’03, M.B.A. ’11
Founder and CEO, UpNest (acquired by Realtor.com)
Pledge fulfilled in 2022
Peter Loukainoff.jpg
Peter Loukianoff ’87, M.B.A. ’98
Partner, Portal Venture Partners
Avi Gupta.jpg
Avi Gupta M.S. ‘91
President & CEO, SmartZip Analytics (acquired); Founder and CEO, Bubble
David Jaramillo
David Jaramillo Ph.D. ’21
Co-founder & CTO, Verne Inc.
Jarrett Wright ’18, M.B.A.’22
Founder & CEO, Higher Rewards
Pravir Singh
Pravir Singh ’00
Founder & Managing Partner, Montecito Equity Partners
Thomson Nguyen photo.jpg
Thomson Nguyen ’07
Co-Founder, Framed Data (acquired by Square); Founder & CEO, Nearside
Rachel Wolan.jpg
Rachel Wolan M.B.A. ’09
VP & GM, Dropbox; former Founder, YadaZing
jonathon mahoney.jpg
Jonathon Mahoney ’17
Co-founder, Eachday
Alex Luce.jpg
Alex Luce Ph.D. ’15
General Partner, Creative Ventures
Pranava Adduri ’12, M.S. ’13
Co-founder, Bedrock Labs
Edward Shenderovich ’97
Founder and CEO, Synonym Biotechnologies
kelly cure.jpg
Kelly Cure M.B.A. ’21
Co-founder and Head of Growth, Skillful.ly
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