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Raluca Ada Popa.jpg
Raluca Ada Popa
Co-Founder, PreVeil; Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Joyce Arellano-Bravo.jpg
Joyce Arellano-Bravo ’98
Co-Founder, WeSolve
Dinesh Kumar.jpg
Dinesh Kumar M.B.A. ’17
COO, Promaxo
Dave Alpert.jpg
Dave Alpert ’78, M.Arch. ’86
CEO and Co-Founder, Geopogo
Polina Lishko.jpg
Polina Lishko
Co-founder, YourChoice Therapeutics; Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
jason wang.jpg
Jason Wang ’09
Co-Founder, Caviar (acquired by Square); Venture Partner, Beluga Capital
Laurie Peterson photo.png
Laurie Peterson M.B.A. ’11
Founder, Build & Imagine (acquired); Founder and CEO, Inkbrite
Roya Maboudian.jpg
Roya Maboudian P ’20
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, UC Berkeley
Dhawal Mujumdar M.I.M.S. ’11
Co-Founder, Polymorph (acquired by Walmart)
Charles Huang.jpg
Charles Huang ’93
Co-Founder, RedOctane (acquired by Activision); Co-Founder, Indigo 7
Pledge fulfilled in 2014
Juan Pablo Ferrer ’01
Co-founder, Mevoked (acquired by WellBrain)
Richard Din.jpg
Richard Din ’08
Co-Founder, Caviar (acquired by Square)
Pledge fulfilled in 2019
James Brear.jpg
James Brear ’89
President & CEO, Veriflow (acquired by VMware)
Kenichi Soga.jpg
Kenichi Soga Ph.D. ’94
Professor, Geomechanics, UC Berkeley
Kevin Blake.jpg
Kevin Blake M.B.A. ’17
Founder and Managing Partner, Sierra Verde Capital
Paul Yeh.jpg
Paul Yeh ’01
Partner, Conductive Ventures
Ming Wu.jpg
Ming Wu M.S. ’86, Ph.D. ’88
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Weijie “Claire” Li ’14
Senior Software Engineer, Pinterest
Nelson Hyde Chick.jpg
Nelson Hyde Chick ’94
Founder and Chief Adrenaline Officer, Foil Flyer
Prayag Narula.jpg
Prayag Narula M.I.M.S. ’12
Founder and President, LeadGenius Inc
Ting Xu.jpg
Ting Xu
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering and Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Jeremy Hammer.jpg
Jeremy Hammer ’19
Founder, BearX
Markita Landry.jpg
Markita Landry
Assistant Professor, College of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Rishi Chopra.jpg
Rishi Chopra ’02
Software Engineer, IBM
Anita Balaraman.jpg
Anita Balaraman M.P.H. ’98, M.B.A. ’08
Founder, Epixego; Adjunct Faculty, UC Berkeley
Zahid Hussain.jpg
Zahid Hussain
Division Deputy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Niket Desai (Replace current with this).jpg
Niket Desai ’09
Founder PADCo; Co-Founder, Punchd (acquired by Google)
Richard Raji.jpg
Richard “Leke” Raji M.Eng. ’19
Founder, Mistove
Randy Katz.png
Randy Katz M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’80
Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Berkeley
Bradford Crist M.B.A. ’19
Product Manager, Volta Charging
Christian Keil M.B.A. ’19
Founder and CEO, d.rect; Co-Founder, The Tuesday Company
Luc Ibata.jpg
Luc Ibata
Founder & CEO, WeSolve World Inc.
Kenny To.jpg
Kenny To ’08
Founding Engineer, Rubrik Inc
Josh Appleman M.I.M.S. ’16
Founder, Tellaport
Lee Fleming.jpg
Lee Fleming
Faculty Director, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley
Jeffery Alvarez M.B.A. ’14
Vice President, Product & Operations, Potrero Medical; Co-Founder, Naya Health
Arash Komeili.jpg
Arash Komeili
Professor of Plant & Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
Deepak Gupta.jpg
Deepak Gupta
Managing Partner, Blue Bears Ventures
Bastien Beauchamp.jpg
Bastien Beauchamp
Co-Founder and CEO, !important safety
Mark Velednitsky.jpg
Mark Velednitsky M.S. ’16
Founder and CEO, MultiMeet
Amanda Pouchot.jpg
Amanda Pouchot ’08
Co-Founder and CEO, Together10; Co-Founder, Levo
Caroline Winnett M.B.A. ’90
Executive Director, SkyDeck
Rajiv Appana.jpg
Rajiv Appana M.B.A. ’13
Co-Founder, SpinWheel Inc
Tomas Campos.jpg
Tomas Campos ’00
CEO and Co-Founder, Spinwheel Inc
Harsha Raghavan.jpg
Harsha Raghavan ’94
Managing Partner, Convergent Finance LLP
Lawrence Johnson ’72
CEO, InvestorLogic LLC
Emily Walling.jpg
Emily Walling M.B.A. ’08
Head of Consumer Marketing, Ladder
Charlene Son Rigby.jpg
Charlene Son Rigby M.B.A. ’00
Chief Business Officer, Fabric Genomics
Ezra Roizen.jpg
Ezra Roizen M.B.A. ’04
General Manager, Advsr LLC
Pravir Singh.jpg
Pravir Singh ’00
Partner, Convergent Finance LLP
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