Who’s Done It?

Join over 465 Cal entrepreneurs and faculty who have made the Pledge.

Satish Polisetti M.I.M.S. ’11
Co-Founder & CEO, Polymorph (acquired by Walmart)
Nicholas Rudder
Founder, ScholarSite
Ted Tabacco
Co-Founder & CEO, SpacePlace
Cyrell Roberson M.A. ’16
Founder & CEO, Jubily
Zach Merritt M.I.D.S. ’19
Founder, Kindu
Kal Deutsch M.B.A. ’93
Co-founder & CEO, DealEngine
Raymond Lee M.I.D.S. ’19
Founder & CEO, FakeNetAI
Fahed Al Essa M.B.A.’19, M.P.H. ’19
Co-founder & CEO, Mayv
Mitsuru Igarashi ’89
Founder, Simplex, Inc.
Olaseni Bello
Co-founder, CarpeMed
Yannell Selman
Founder & CEO, Cultiveit
vikram chandra.jpg
Vikram Chandra
Co-founder & CEO, Granthika Co.
Yaw ansong.jpg
Yaw Ofosu Ansong, Jr.
Co-founder & CEO, KovaDx
Emon Motamedi B.S. ’14, B.A. ’14
Founder, Florian
Lauri Kibby M.B.A. ’86
Co-Founder and CFO, Kings Garden; Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Endourage
Jarrett Wright ’18
Founder & CEO, Higher Rewards
Vikram Sreekanti ’15, Ph.D. ’20
Founder & CEO, Spiral Labs
james tong.jpg
James Tong ’09
Co-Founder, Nomi
Asif Mohammad
Founder & CEO, SocratiQ
Lizi Feng ’13
Co-Founder, DrVigo and Uni Precision, Inc.
Wei Zhu
Founder, MooZ
Giles Templeman.jpg
Giles Templeman M.B.A. ’20
Co-Founder, Callisto
Shihui Mao.jpg
Shihui Mao M.B.A. ’20
Co-Founder, Callisto
Santiago Freyria.jpg
Santiago Freyria M.B.A. ’20
Founder, ExVivoGen
Linda Chow M.B.A.’19
Co-Founder and CEO, CaringDr
Lindsey Hoell
Co-founder and CEO, Dispatch Goods
Harrison Shaw.jpg
Harrison Shaw ’20
Founder and CEO, Lynx Verification
Jeff Hu.jpg
Yao-Chieh “Jeff” Hu M.Eng ’20
Co-Founder and CEO, Turing Chain
Jay (Zijie) Zhao
Co-founder, College Leap
Sol Eun M.Eng ’20
Founder and CEO, UI Flow
Matthew Cooper M.B.A. ’10
Founder and CEO, Carmenta Bioscience (acquired by Progenity)
Ryan Chan.jpg
Ryan Chan ’13
Founder and CEO, UpKeep
Farshad Ghaffari.jpg
Farshad Ghaffari ’99
Co-Founder, Entreda (acquired by Smarsh)
Zahid Hussain.jpg
Zahid Hussain
Division Deputy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Erin Mastopietro.jpg
Erin Mastopietro ’10
Co-Founder, Dope Dog
Michael Olson ’91, M.S. ’92
Co-Founder and CSO, Cloudera
Pledge fulfilled in 2020
Thomson Nguyen photo.jpg
Thomson Nguyen ’07
Co-Founder, Framed Data (acquired by Square); Founder & CEO, Hatch
Angela Lau.jpeg
Angela Lau M.B.A. ’16
Co-Founder, Seventh AI
Ludwig Schoenack.jpg
Ludwig Schoenack M.B.A. ’19
Co-Founder, Drivekyte
Wes Jackson.jpg
Wesley Jackson ’00, M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ’06
Founder and CEO, Valitor Inc
Atanas Bakalov.jpg
Atanas Bakalov M.B.A. ’19
Founder and CEO, Knowdeon
Rahul Deedwania.jpg
Rahul Deedwania ’10
Co-Founder, BreakoutIQ
Amy Fan.jpg
Amy Fan M.B.A. ’19, M.P.H. ’19
Co-Founder, Twentyeight Health
Ankur Nagpal.jpg
Ankur Nagpal ’09
Founder & CEO, Teachable
Jessica Green.jpg
Jessica Green M.S. ’94, Ph.D. ’01
Co-Founder and CEO of Phylagen Inc
Venkat Venkat.jpg
Venkat Venkatasubramanian M.B.A. ’16
Founder, SwiftMotion
Will Huang.jpg
Will Huang ’17, M.Eng. ’18
Co-Founder and CEO, Pengram
Andy Yang.jpg
Andy Yang ’00
CEO, Indiegogo
Art Amador.jpeg
Art Amador M.B.A. ’16
Founder and COO, EquBot
Jeremy Hammer.jpg
Jeremy Hammer ’19
Founder, CatalistX
Justin Duan.jpg
Justin Duan
Kaycee Antosiak.jpg
Kaycee Antosiak ’17
Emily Walling.jpg
Emily Walling M.B.A. ’08
Head of Marketing, Portfolia
Saswat Mishra.jpg
Saswat Mishra E.M.B.A. ’19
Founder and CEO, California Memory Technologies Inc
David Pastewka ’12
CEO, Drapr; Co-Founder, Twindom
John McMahon.jpg
John McMahon M.S. ’72, M.B.A. ’73
Chief Marketing Officer, Allium Vitalis
Ben Chang.jpg
Benjamin Chang ’88
Glint, Head of Information Security & Compliance
Jason Bellet.jpg
Jason Bellet ’14
Co-Founder, Eko
Bogda Cristei.jpg
Bogdan Cristei
Founder, Optim Capital
Peter Wysinski.jpg
Peter Wysinski ’14
Co-Founder, AxleHire; Co-Founder & CEO, kSense
Kevin Ubilla ’16
Founder, Omni Astrobiotics
Matt Sinks.jpg
Matthew Sinks ’15
Program China, UnBank Ventures
Shawn Tsao.jpg
Shawn Tsao ’11
Co-Founder, Caviar (acquired by Square)
Pledge fulfilled in 2019
Joyce Arellano-Bravo.jpg
Joyce Arellano-Bravo ’98
Co-Founder, WeSolve
Dinesh Kumar.jpg
Dinesh Kumar M.B.A. ’17
COO, Promaxo
Dave Alpert.jpg
Dave Alpert ’78, M.Arch. ’86
CEO and Co-Founder, Geopogo
jason wang.jpg
Jason Wang ’09
Co-Founder, Caviar (acquired by Square); Venture Partner, Beluga Capital
Laurie Peterson photo.png
Laurie Peterson M.B.A. ’11
Founder, Build & Imagine (acquired); Founder and CEO, Inkbrite
Dhawal Mujumdar M.I.M.S. ’11
Co-Founder, Polymorph (acquired by Walmart)
Charles Huang.jpg
Charles Huang ’93
Co-Founder, RedOctane (acquired by Activision); Co-Founder, Indigo 7
Pledge fulfilled in 2014
Juan Pablo Ferrer ’01
Co-founder, Mevoked (acquired by WellBrain)
Richard Din.jpg
Richard Din ’08
Co-Founder, Caviar (acquired by Square)
Pledge fulfilled in 2019
James Brear.jpg
James Brear ’89
President & CEO, Veriflow (acquired by VMware)
Kevin Blake.jpg
Kevin Blake M.B.A. ’17
Founder and Managing Partner, Sierra Verde Capital
Paul Yeh.jpg
Paul Yeh ’01
Partner, Conductive Ventures
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