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Sukhi Singh.jpg
Sukhi Singh M.B.A. ’10
CEO, zHealth EHR
Ansel Halliburton.jpg
Ansel Halliburton ’02
Co-Founder, Syntexys
David Corfield.jpg
David Corfield M.B.A. ’19
Founder, LifeWork
Dean Donovan.JPG
Dean Donovan ’83
Managing Director, DiamondStream Partners
Heat Silverman.jpg
Heath Silverman ’99
Co-Founder and CEO, Stessa (acquired by JLL Spark)
Pledge fulfilled in 2018
Kimberlie Le.jpg
Kimberlie Le
Co-Founder and CEO, Prime Roots Foods
Jeff Totten.jpg
Jeff Totten ’13
CEO, Evergreen Services Group
Jiwon Moon.jpg
Jiwon Moon ’14
Founding Partner, XX
Emilio Galan M.S. ’15
Co-Founder & President, Robin Healthcare; Founder & Executive Director, HonestHealth
Jordan Greene.jpg
Jordan Greene ’14
Co-Founder, AEye
Kartik Mehrotra.jpg
Kartik Mehrotra ’17
Head of Business Development, IOTW
Ayman Fawaz.jpg
Ayman Fawaz M.S. ’83, Ph.D. ’88
Co-Founder and President, orgo.ai Inc
Kaushal Sanghavi.jpg
Kaushal Sanghavi ’04
Founder, BreathingRoom Solutions Pvt Ltd
Jiazi Guo.jpg
Jiazi Guo ’15
Angel Investor and Founder
Nick Paranomos.jpg
Nikolaos Paranomos ’06
Chief of Staff, Vaya Consulting; Co-Founder, Apptourage
sony theakanof 2.png
Kuriakose Sony Theakanath ’16
Co-Founder, Asaii (acquire by Apple)
Huan Le.jpg
Huan Le ’94
Angel Investor
James Wang.jpg
James Wang M.B.A. ’15
General Partner, Creative Ventures; Co-Founder, COO and CTO, Lioness Health
John Foraker M.B.A. ’94
Co-Founder and CEO, Once Upon a Farm
Pledge fulfilled in 2018
Aleksander Hildebrand.jpg
Aleksander Hildebrand ’18
Founder, Vioo
In Sik Rhee ’93
General Partner, Vertex Ventures
Pledge fulfilled in 2018
Sanchit Bareja.jpg
Sanchit Bareja ’14
Product Manager, LiveRamp; Co-founder, Occuhunt (sold to Lytmus)
Patrick Chung.jpg
Patrick S. Chung ’92
Co-Founder and CEO, Zeuss Technologies Inc
Leonid Teytelman.jpg
Leonid Teytelman Ph.D. ’09
Co-Founder and CEO, Protocols.io
Jonathan S. Fan (Replace current with this).jpg
Jonathan Fan ’02
VP Product Management, Box; Co-Founder, Subspace (acquired by Box)
Pledge fulfilled in 2016
Richard Henrikson Ph.D. ’15
Co-Founder, Ongo Science
Enlai Chu.jpg
Enlai Chu M.B.A. ’03
CEO, Phoneic Inc
Christian Shelton photo.jpg
Christian Shelton ’02
Chief Growth Officer, HelloTech; Co-Founder, Geekatoo
Ryan Buckley.jpg
Ryan Buckley ’04
General Manager, MightySignal; Founder, Scripted.com and Toofr
Sriram Subrimanian.jpg
Sriram Subramanian M.B.A. ’12
Co-Founder & CTO, Bnext.in; Co-Founder and CEO, Shoppinpal
Nathan Gilliland ’92
CEO, Bellwether Coffee; Co-Founder, Harvest Power
Desi Banatao photo.jpg
Desi Banatao ’01, M.S. ’04
Co-Founder, Lingrove and Entropy Resins
Pledge fulfilled in 2015
Andrew Barkett photo.jpg
Andrew Barkett ’02
VP of Engineering, REX - Real Estate Exchange Inc; Co-Founder and CEO, Getexp Inc
Amit Kumar ’03
Partner, Accel; Co-Founder, CardSpring (acquired by Twitter)
Manish Shah_LinkedIn photo.jpg
Manish Shah ’05
Co-Founder & CEO, PeerWell; Co-Founder, Rapleaf (acquired by TowerData)
Sumant Sridharan.jpg
Sumant Sridharan ’98
Chief Operating Officer, HomeLight
Joseph Zwillinger.jpg
Joey Zwillinger ’03
Co-Founder, Allbirds
Sohia Zadran.jpg
Sohila Zadran ’08
Co-Founder, Menopause.ai, Gilded Cells, Agarionan Inc.; Principal, Strawberry Creek Ventures
Anurag Mairal.jpg
Anurag Mairal M.B.A. ’05
Founder & EVP, Orbees Medical; Director Global Outreach Program, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign
Karanvir N. Singh.jpg
Karan Singh ’05
Co-Founder, Ginger.io
Greg Patterson.jpg
Gregory Patterson M.B.A. ’00
CEO, The Advisory Group & WealthStep.com
Patrick Lee ’04
Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes
Adnan R. Iqbal.jpg
Adnan Iqbal ’05
Co-Founder & CEO, Luma Health
Brandon Curran.jpg
Brandon Curran ’13
Founder & CEO, Socialchair
Abhi Sawant photo.jpg
Abhijit Sawant M.B.A. ’10
VP Engineering, Okta
Arjun Arora photo.jpg
Arjun Arora ’06
In Residence at Expa, Founder of ReTargeter (acquired by SellPoints)
Brandon Simmons ’04
Chief Operating Officer, Tachyus
Pledge fulfilled in 2015
Jeremiha Douglas.jpg
Jeremiha Douglas ’11
Product Manager, Dolby Laboratories
Sara Sutton ’96
Founder and CEO, FlexJobs
Angie Chang.jpg
Angie Chang ’04
CEO & Founder, Girl Geek X; Early Employee, Hackbright (acquired by Capella)
Pledge fulfilled in 2016
Peter Cipollone ’94
Co-Founder and CEO, InstaViser
Vivek Sodera ’06
Co-Founder, Rapleaf/LiveRamp (acquired by Acxiom); Co-Founder, Superhuman
Taz Patel ’05
Co-Founder, Captiv8
JD Margulici M.S. ’99, M.B.A. ’10
Co-Founder and CEO, Infinite Uptime
Bradley S. Peters.jpg
Bradley Peters ’92, M.S. ’94
SVP, Infor; Co-founder, Birst (acquired by Infor)
Usman Raza.jpg
Usman Raza M.I.M.S. ’18
Product Manager, HealthTap
Don McGraw M.B.A. ’05
Partner, Grizzly Peak Capital; Founder and CEO, Crowdadvance.com
Michael Harper ’67
Co-Founder, OPSPIDER
Wendy Yang ’91
Founder, HoursMap
Bharath Rangarajan.jpg
Bharath Rangarajan M.B.A. ’01
CEO, Motivo Inc; Co-Founder and Director, ANS Inc; Managing Partner, Bull Ventures LLC
Victor Ho ’08
Co-Founder and CEO, FiveStars
Tetyana Troshyna M.B.A. ’10
Founder and CEO, Fable Inc; Co-Founder, Curbsidr
Rahul Jauhari M.B.A. ’10
Co-Founder and CEO, LogTera Inc.
Austin Light.jpg
Austin Light ’12
Hospital Account Manager, Mead Johnson Nutrition
AJ Shankar.jpg
AJ Shankar Ph.D. ’09
Founder and CEO, Everlaw
Neil Sharma ’11
Software Engineer, United States Digital Service; Co-Founder, Soragora
Shuo Zhang M.B.A. ’16
Managing Partner, AuGC Partners LLC; Co-Founder, Realiteer Corp
Chak Ng ’97
Partner, PreAngel Partners
Chadwick Strange M.B.A. ’16
VP Product Management, Skale Labs; Co-Founder, Ubby
Steve Mohebi.jpg
Steve Mohebi ’97
Co-Founder and COO, Canopy Space; Founder, Caspian Partners LLC
Carol Chen ’01
Director of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, Diassess
Jacqueline Yuen Chan M.B.A. ’10
Co-Founder & President, Joy
Anand Kulkarni ’05, M.S. ’08
Co-Founder, Crowdbotics Corporation and LeadGenius
Andrew Redfern ’05
Co-Founder and CTO, Sutro
Tammie Chen ’14
KKR Growth Equity
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